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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Some things you should know about me:

1. My birthday is October 6, 1975.
2. I am the oldest of three siblings, but the other two are taller than me.
3. When I was in fifth grade someone taught our class the sign language alphabet and I still remember it. Using it however, is the equivalent of spelling out each word while speaking.
4. I think I have a really good singing voice but only when I'm all alone in the car.
5. I would rather be too hot than too cold so I won't complain about 90 degrees and humidity.
6. I had my first job at 14 working as a cashier at a grocery store.
7. In certain settings I could definitely pass for at least ten years younger than I am, and often do.
8. I can't stand the taste of beer ever since I was 16 and got really sick from it, but that's o.k. because I'm not a big drinker.
9. I become easily obsessed with things and then just as easily bored.
10. Probably the best book I've ever read was the Davinci Code but I read it before it was trendy.
11. If given a choice, I would pick smoothies over ice cream, cake, and cookies.
12. I used to look through phone books for interesting first names and then write them down.
13. The first concert I ever saw was Guns & Roses and Metallica back in the early 90's.
14. I can overlook most things in favor of a good sense of humor.
15. When I was 5 I had the soundtrack to "Annie" and I would spend hours just playing it and singing along.
16. My middle name is Elizabeth.
17. As a child I could entertain myself for hours just by using my imagination.
18. I had my first boyfriend at 13 and all we did was walk home from school together and sometimes go ice skating.
19. Interesting things happen in my life.
20. At 28 I am much more comfortable with myself than I was at 22.
21. The only time I have ever flown was six years ago to Washington D.C. and back.
22. I love British accents and if I encounter someone who has one I instantly want to be their friend.
23. My new favorite flavor is mango.
24. I don't believe in organized religion.
25. I have worked both as a camp counselor and a Sunday School teacher.
26. I can learn just about anything quickly, but have yet to discover my areas of expertise.
27. The only foreign country I have visited is Canada.
28. I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 9.
29. My first car was one of those boxy shaped Volvos. It was an 83.
30. People always think I look familiar when they meet me. I haven't decided if that's good or bad.
31. When I was about 5 I got to ride a pony at a local carnival but I was scared and a picture of me in tears, sitting atop the pony ended up in the newspaper with the caption, "not happy to be back in the saddle."
32. I really love board games but I have a hard time finding anyone to play them with.
33. In high school I only snuck out once in the middle of the night to meet a boy and I only once, without authorization, skipped an entire day of school.
34. I am really good at creating profound magnetic poetry.
35. My great great great great great great great great grandmother was one of the women executed for being a witch in 1692 in Salem, MA.
36. My ears are triple pierced.
37. I am a perpetual optimist, although sometimes I fear the worst.
38. I slept in a twin sized bed until I moved into my own apartment and now I know I could never go back.
39. I have an odd fascination with the Olsen twins.
40. In college I discovered that I like to watch Disney movies, began to appreciate the versatility of salad, and learned how to play drinking games.
41. I have never gone skiing.
42. When I was really little I would entertain my parents by making faces for different emotions of their choosing and every now and then they tried to stump me.
43. I usually say my favorite color is purple because it's easier than trying to explain that my favorite color is actually a purplish shade of dark red.
44. One of the best books I have ever read is The Celestine Prophecy.
45. I was asked to a high school prom at the age of 24 by a boy I used to babysit, but I politely declined.
46. I taught myself to read before I got to Kindergarten and I've loved reading ever since.
47. I am a typical girly girl - I love make up, clothes, and jewelry.
48. I'm not an outstanding piano player, but I have no trouble reading music.
49. I used to write short stories.
50. I have a BA in psychology.
51. I am very open minded and honest.
52. I love children, but I don't have any.
53. I subscribe to Jane magazine.
54. As a child I was really shy, but when I tell people that, it surprises them.
55. I have enough babysitting experience to compile a lifelong career.
56. I will admit to having a crush on Greg Brady when I was 4, a crush on Michael Jackson in third grade (that was 1983 - when he still had a face), and a crush on Corey Feldman in Junior High.
57. When I was 7 I took karate with a bunch of older kids and they all liked me because I was so small.
58. At the moment I am really loving my violet perfume.
59. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
60. I wanted to come up with 100 interesting things about me, but I could only think of 60.

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